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"ve con Dios"


ONLY R335 pm

Senior package

(Age 54-64) Only R481pm

Day o day medical with unlimited doctors visits including medication,basic dentistry, optometre,radiology,pathology and more..

Simply sms JJB” to 47991 for info

You can work from Home like me !

earn extra Cash !!

No Joining Fees !!

061 627 6242   Office

082 441 3999         JJ

079 303 9798       Jos

082 334 1255 Yvonne


Signs,Car Magnets, Vehicle Sign & Stickers

Graphics / Web Designs & Printing

Aircraft Branding and decals

Rubber Stamps - We manufacture in-house

Printer Cartridges for all major brands

Business Cards, Flyers & Brochures

Every video captured by your camcorder is a story waiting to be told. It could be the story of your child’s first  tentative steps, a typical day in your life, your daughter’s little league game, or that perfect vacation with your family.

If this is on tape (Mini DV, 8mm, VHS, C-type or even Beta, then we will convert it to DVD for you!!  

Unfortunately most people still think of art as decoration. The problem with that is people get tired of the decoration and want to change the décor after a few years. The idea that art is decoration undervalues the artwork. Good art does not go out of style. Pieces that stand out as unique and artistic in design is a type of therapy or a form of meditation.

Vonnies Arts & Crafts

Lunartech Lunar Studios Lifestyle Arts & Crafts Biker Studio
If you don’t understand
Something, question it
Until you do !
Don’t go through life

You are probably aware that there are many scams that often bury the legitimate companies or opportunities. Online scams unfortunately is a very real—and growing—trend. You may even know someone who has been scammed or had information stolen while trying to apply for what appeared to be an ad for a work-from-home job. On our page everything is safe…why??? Simply because we refer you direct to the person in charge of that particular division to talk to before you commit yourself to anything.

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